At Bastille, we make an effort to accommodate dietary restrictions and food allergies. Whether you eat a vegetarian diet, are allergic to shellfish, or need menu items to be gluten free we want to make your dining experience as easy as possible.

Each food menu item is listed below with the ingredients that are commonly identified as problematic for some diners. If you have a specific question about an ingredient on our menu or in a particular dish please send us a note using the form at the bottom of the webpage or give us a call at 206-453-5014.

Main ingredients that cannot be removed from the dish are bolded and optional ingredients that can be removed upon request are noted with an asterisk *

While we do our best to keep this information up to date on the website, this page is informational only. Please always inform your server if you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies.



Grand Central Baguette - wheat, dairy*

Frites & Aioli – dairy*, eggs*

Chickpea Fries

Morel Mushrooms - egg, dairy*

Calamari a la Planchette - fish, dairy

Chicken Liver Pate - meat, wheat*

Jambon de Bayonne - meat





Crudités Salad 

Lacinato Kale & Arugula Salad – eggs, fish

Spring Greens – dairy*

Chilled Asparagus - dairy*, eggs*, nuts*




Moules Frites – shellfish

Fresh Catch - fish

Roasted Half Chicken - meat

Steak Frites – meat

Sausage Piment d'Espelette - meat

White Polenta 'Aligot' - dairy 




Croque Madame – wheat, meat, dairy, eggs*

Falafel – dairy*, wheat*

Bastille Lamb Burger – meat, dairy*, wheat*

Bánh Mi - meat, dairy, wheat




Assiette de Fromage – dairy, wheat*

Lemon Meringue Tart - dairy, wheat, eggs

Honey Vanilla Creme Brulee – dairy, wheat*

Profiteroles – wheat, dairy

Warm Chocolate Torte – dairy, eggs, wheat, nuts





Salade Verte – dairy*

Farmer's Lunch – meat, dairy*, wheat*

Cured Salmon Tartines – fish, wheat

Steak Frites – meat, eggs*

Wild Mushroom Ragout – dairy, eggs*

Lamb Cocotte - meat, eggs

Eggs Benedict – meat, eggs

Challah French Toast – dairy, eggs, wheat

Chanterelle Mushroom Omelette – eggs, dairy*

Classic Breakfast – meat, eggs





Baguette with Butter – wheat, dairy*

Bacon or Sausage – meat

Scone & Seasonal Preserves - wheat

Two Eggs - eggs

Harissa-Roasted Yukon Potatoes

updated June 2, 2017



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